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Founded in 1999 by a group of talented Experienced and IT professionals. Technology village specializes in the development And provisioning of ERP systems both to public and private Organizations, technology village head town in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) other branches in Jeddah, Dammam, Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt.

  • Oracle
  • WEB
  • e-business
  • Infrastructure


Technology village for information systems aims To become a pioneer in providing integrated special solutions That aids our customers in achieving their institution goals Easley and satisfies their requirements locally and globally.

Our vision

We in technology village for information systems Are working with effort and enthusiasm to satisfy our customer’s needs we have elite of computer programs that’s continuously developed while we continue inventing and harnessing all of our powers to deliver best solutions to our customers relying on trust honesty and simplicity.
Today we have a collection of programs that provides simplicity in work process in the fields of finance, human resources, warehouse and competencies.

why choose us

  • Understanding the customer’s needs
    The company has a tremendous ability to keep Abreast of all developments affecting the areas of it Application, enabling it to an accurate understanding Of customer needs, precise rules and regulations and methods Of knowledgeable applications which helps to achieve accuracy and speed Especially in the governmental sector.
  • Qualified technical resources
    One of the main company features, belief that functional resources are manufactured Modernized and development has entrusted to recruit the best technical resources And advisory obtaining the best international professional certification in the information And communication technology field and this gives us the ability to do business and projects, no matter what was the degree of complexity.
  • Owning platform application
    From the beginnings of our company we seek to gain the highest and best applications and system specification, so the company has developed platform of applications using the latest high technology software, in addition to the development of an easy integrated services to the electronic gates.
  • Quality and international standards
    After the company uses accumulated experience in the application Of government and private systems both customized and global are the best international standards in application testing, and implementation and development methodologies.
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business solutions

Business process automation:
In the shadow of rapid changes in business and technology sectors that are used in process automation in different department in different corporations and institutions either in private sector or in government sector, where through expertise and consultants of the company or corporation they achieved the different automation of many government management offices in different sectors (ministries- services sector-etc.)With high performance and dedication from the bottom till now.

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medical solution

Healthcare solution:
HIS Hospital Information system is a fully integrated hospital information system.
Our solution scope includes hospital management, clinical tasks and patient administration.

  • Patient Administration
  • Laboratory - Pharmacy
  • Radiology Information System
  • Financial Accounting
  • Materials Management
  • Human Resource System
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education solutions

E-Learning solution
E-Learning Management System is an integrated training platform enabling your company to make use of the most efficient online education.

- education solutions -

RFID solutions

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects, The tags contain electronically stored information, Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves, Active tags have a local power source such as a battery and may operate at hundreds of meters from the RFID reader, Unlike a barcode, the tag need not be within the line of sight of the reader, so it may be embedded in the tracked object. RFID is one method for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC).

- RFID solutions -
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Portals & website Development

Web portal development is evolving as a core component for the software architecture. Technology village develops web portals and web-based applications that fit business need and budget by expert developers in web application development.

Content Management System
Content Management System (CMS) enables end- user to manage content on a Web site. CMS is a publication for handling creation, modification, and removal of information resources.

1999 TO PRESENT - Portals & website Development EXPERIENCE

Mobile application

Technology village dept is professional with varied functional and technical expertise in solving business problems by developing customer focal applications at affordable price. Technology has truly invaded the people live. We understand that your mobile applica- tions must work with multiple mobile devices.
Android / iOS (iPhone, iPad)

1999 TO present - Mobile application EXPERIENCE

Network Services

Our Network & Security Services global team, field service profes sionals are Cisco certified Our services build to design and deploy a network infrastructure can lead you outside of just the industrial space.
LAN, WAN, Cabling, Wireless

1999 TO present - Network Services EXPERIENCE


The Cybersecurity Department is a specialized department that focuses on protecting electronic systems, computer networks, data, and information from cyber threats. This department includes a range of activities related to cybersecurity, such as:

Security Risk Assessment:

Identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in electronic systems and analyzing potential risks that could impact cybersecurity.

Policy and Procedure Development:

Developing organizational and technical policies and procedures to safeguard computer networks, data, and information from cyber threats.

Training and Awareness:

Providing training to employees on how to deal with cyber threats and raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.

Incident Response:

Handling security incidents that occur in electronic systems and restoring them to maintain cybersecurity.

Research and Development:

Developing new technologies to enhance cybersecurity and counter advanced cyber threats.

2018 TO present - Cybersecurity


Technology village assess your busineess requirements and operations so that we can integrate hardware purchases seamlessly into your environment. In addition, you benefit from the high volume of business that we conduct with strategic partners. It provides you with access to priority pricing, training, and participation in global support programs.

  • Laptops/Desktops
  • Servers
  • Printers, Fax, Plotters, Terminals
  • UPS’s, Lab / Industrial Controls and Instrumentation

- Hardware EXPERIENCE -

ERP Implementation & Consultation

Technology village ERP implementation tactic and methodologies speed up delivery time and ensures the quality of implementation, Give the Best Practices suitable to any kind of business, industrial, retail, etc.
Our Business consultants analyzing your business process, current system and future to meet your requirements ERP with taken consideration of the software solution that best fits their budget, timeframe, industry, and operational needs.
Expert field:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SAP B1
  • Microsoft Axapta

1999 TO present - ERP EXPERIENCE

Physical Security

Physical Security mean who you can protect your buildings, property and assets against prying Include: CCTV systems; electronic access controls, and alarm system.
CCTV cameras are being installed everywhere for crime prohibition and detection. Technology village offer you affordable price, easy to install, and require low-maintenance. There are many types of technologically advanced CCTV cameras that offer appropriate control system.

  • Indoor/outdoor CCTV
  • Day and night vision cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Military CCTV with high specification

1999 TO present - Physical Security EXPERIENCE

Access control system

Technology village offers global and cost-effective physical access control products ranging from single door to multi-door, multi-site solutions.
System components:

  • Devices
  • Cards
  • Software

1999 TO PRESENT - Access control system EXPERIENCE

IT Training & consultation

We have alliances with a leading training centre to deliver high impact training programs. Our partner experience covers all sectors including business, enterprise and public sector.
Technology village empower smart businesses with leading technology through consulting, integration, and IT outsourcing. We provide a variety of IT consultation services.

- Training & consultation -
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Business Development






Infrastructure & Data Center


Implementation & consultation



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Eastern Region Municipality

1- Develop and automation human resource system operations and the financial system Municipality eastern region.

2- development and automation of the operations of the procurement system, warehouses of the Municipality Eastern Region.

3- Process of development and connect public administration systems for administrative and financial affairs of the Municipality Eastern Region.

4- Operation and connect The municipalities associated with the sadad system and training of the Municipality Eastern Region.

5- Maintenance and operation systems and applications the public administration for administrative and financial affairs of the Municipality Eastern Region.

6- Develop and activate the Electronic Services Regulations of administrative and financial affairs at the Municipality Eastern Region.

7- The maintenance and operation of systems development The General Department for administrative and financial affairs the phase 2 of the Municipality Eastern Region.

University Of Dammam

1- The supply and installation of the system of human resources management at the University of Dammam.

2- The supply and installation of the procurement system and warehouses at the University of Ad Dammam.

3- The development and maintenance of administrative affairs and finance the phase 2 of the University of Dammam.

4- The development and maintenance of administrative affairs and finance the phase 2 of the University of Dammam.

5- operation of an integrated financial system for the implementation of the financial procedures, the accounting of the University of Dammam.

Municipality Of Al-Nairiya

1- The supply and installation of the Financial Regulations of the municipality of Al-nairiya.

2- The supply and installation of the system of personnel affairs Al-nairiya municipality.

3- The supply and installation of the procurement system and the system of warehouses Al-nairiya municipality.

4- The supply of the system of permits for shops and control system, health and investments Al-nairiya municipality.

5- The project for the development of systems stereotypes Second Stage.

6- The maintenance and operation of systems of administrative affairs and finance Al-nairiya municipality.

University Of Al-Baha

1- The maintenance and operation of electronic gate.

2- The process of the development of the programs of the mechanism of financial affairs and the mayor of the affairs of the teaching staff
and staff to support the requirements of electronic trading.

University Of Hafr Al Batin

1- The supply and installation of the Financial Regulations of the personnel and the University of Hafr Al Batin.

2- The supply and installation of systems of warehouses and government procurement University of Hafr Al Batin.

3- Maintenance and technical support governmental systems (Financial - staff affairs - warehouses - government procurement).

Municipality Pf Baljurashi

1- The supply and installation of financial and administrative regulations and warehouses and government procurement and projects - permits for the buildings - permits for shops - health licenses - projects - Maintenance and Technical Support - administrative communication electronic archiving.

2- The development of the electronic gateway and special services of citizens with regard to all services linked with supplier regimes.


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